About Me

About Me

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Rekha Kakkar and I am a professional food photographer based in New Delhi India. My Tasty Curry is my blog where I share my love of everything food and some snippets of my life that actually revolves around my family (most precious of them all), food that has the power to nourish us, and makes everything else so much better. Food is a passion that inspired me to start this blog few years ago.... And when I need to connect with myself and feel in unison with The World, I travel.

My Journey

Having spent most of my life in remote stations of military bases with my husband while he was serving in Indian Air Force, there was plenty of time to learn many new things. A degree in life sciences to begin with, I moved on to study Indian law. my interest in web design and development led me to acquire a qualification in the field and it helped me to satisfy and express my creative side better.

After career span of 5 years of in the mad world of computers, chasing deadlines, and some health complication later, I found myself fascinated towards nutrition. Studying various food and their effect on our various body functions, it was during this time I realized that right nutrition is key to manage many health conditions that come with modern lifestyle.

As a human being, we have to make multiple choices, and the food is one important amongst them. If we eat the food that make us feel good and eliminate others that play havoc with our energy levels and health, we automatically do a lot of good for our health. If if notice carefully our body has various ways to tell us about what suits us and what does not, in terms of better energy, good stamina, better immunity, allergies there are many ways. I went on to study sports nutrition and have been on board nutritionist for Indian national team.

Wholesome and fresh food cooked with fresh ingredients not only provides nourishment but allows us to lead a good life.

I went on to study sports nutrition and have been on board nutritionist for Indian national team. I have always have been fascinated by the flavours resulted by the combination of various fresh Ingredients and spices and now feedback from my readers tells me that they are loving the flavours too :)

When it comes to eating I try to follow the rule of 80/20.. Eat 80% Real Whole Foods (unprocessed) and 20% of indulgence ( most of the times indulgences are healthy too.

This year we have started a new food and travel website ( The Urban Spice ) which we hope to make a one-stop food and travel info center. Many celebrated bloggers are a part of our team as Food and travel Experts and I am thankful that we have got a good response from our readers. This is a self-funded website and I am hoping that we will see a good response in the coming year. ( Keeping my fingers crossed ).

Food and its various aspects of presentations got me hooked and fueled by my childhood passion of photography I got initiated into a whole new direction of food photography and styling and few years ago that passion turned into profession now.

The Universe has been kind enough to let me pursue my passion of food as a professional Photographer in India. I have photographed and styled for various established brands, cookbooks, magazines and also worked as creative consultant for various projects. I have been also involved in food consultation ( Including kitchen planning and recipe development) projects for food delivery services. { You can check photography portfolio at rekhakakkar.com }.

I just love the power of social Media and love how it connects like-minded people together. If you too love it I love to connect with people.